ARMS is in the process of transitioning its Foundation level modules into an online learning platform. This will enhance accessibility of modules, particularly for those in regional or remote areas and will also facilitate self-paced learning. At the same time, many previous Foundation level candidates have commented on the value of peer-to-peer learning through attendance in the face-to-face delivery of modules. For the purposes of this program face-to-face includes modules delivered by ARMS Training Fellows in person and via video conferencing/meeting platforms such as Zoom. The two pathways below are designed to provide for both self-paced and peer-to-peer learning.

Pathway 1:  provides for those who complete at least two (2) of the five (5) modules in face-to-face mode (includes video conferencing). Candidates taking this pathway will then be invited by the ARMS Executive office to participate in a case study following the successful completion of the 5th module. This pathway would accrue a total of 25 points (five modules at 4 points each plus a case study valued at 5 points).

Pathway 2:  will be for those who complete one (1) or no (0) modules in face-to-face mode (when a minimum of four online modules are available), i.e., they have accrued 20 points for successful completion of five (5) modules but had limited opportunity for the peer-to-peer learning component of the program. Candidates taking this pathway option will then attain the remaining 5 case study points required for completion of the program by attending and participating in a half day face-to-face case study workshop, prior to successfully completing the case study.

These workshops will be facilitated by authorised ARMS Training Fellows with the case study distributed prior to the workshop (without the final case study assessment questions). Workshops will be scheduled at regular intervals to allow candidates to plan timely completion of the case study.

Candidates will still be required to complete the case study for assessment (5 points) after the facilitated discussion to ensure understanding of the issues involved. Participants will be expected to submit a question on the case study prior to this workshop to evoke meaningful discussion.  In keeping with previous statements video conferencing/meeting platforms will be considered equivalent to a face-to-face workshop.