Leadership, Management and Strategic Thinking Program - A comprehensive group learning workshop which focuses on leadership, management, and strategic thinking skills. This program is assessed and has a value of thirty (30) points when all sessions are attended, and the assessment is successfully completed. The program is delivered over multiple sessions and the program is expected in be delivered in late 2023 or early 2024.

For participants enrolled in the Established Level Accreditation Program (ELAP), it is imperative to engage in all sessions offered within a single program delivery and subsequently fulfill a written assessment requirement.

It's also essential to note that once payment is made for the Leadership Program and/or Electives you have the flexibility to undertake it at your convenience within your allocated three (3) ELAP timeframe.


Official enrollment in the Established Level Accreditation Program as a participant.


Preparatory materials will be sent to participants via email prior to the workshop commencement. It is important to emphasize that, while not mandatory, these pre-reading materials are strongly recommended to enrich individual learning experiences.


Upon concluding the workshops, ELAP participants will be required to undertake a compulsory assessment task. It's worth noting that this assessment is not anticipated to be exhaustive, and the presenter will furnish specific details regarding its content and requirements.


To enhance accessibility, the program will be delivered in a flexible format through a virtual meeting platform. This delivery approach includes structured, concise sessions with presenter(s), and the opportunity to have breakout sessions for participant collaboration. The combined shorter online meetings will constitute a 2.5 day workshop.

To register for the Leadership Program or make inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact Dana Watts, Accreditation Program Administrator at ARMSAccreditation@researchmanagement.org.au or (08) 8201 5592.