A key strategic priority of ARMS is to support the development of excellent research management professionals by providing a diverse and broadly accessible accreditation program, and other professional development opportunities.  With this in mind, the Accreditation Council in late 2020 considered changes to ARMS' current accreditation program structure, namely accreditation at the Foundation and Advanced levels.  While both programs have been well subscribed with over 650 graduates,  it was agreed a slightly more flexible framework should be considered to enable members to fulfil their individual learning needs.  This approach would help individuals choose their own accreditation pathway by selecting programs either from within the current suite of ARMS’ offerings or approved external programs and provide a meaningful pathway for upskilling and career progression.


ARMS is now very pleased to announce that the Accreditation Council officially endorsed the implementation of this "New Points-Based Model of Accreditation".  


Pathway 1:  Foundation Level (25 points) – The Accreditation Council approved a model of assigning 25 points to candidates that had completed the current Foundation Level Accreditation Program (including the final assessment). These points may be used as credit for pathways 2 and 3 and there will be no impact on individuals currently completing pathway 1: Foundation Level.  


Pathway 2: Established Level (100 points)  - The Accreditation Council approved a model where an individual accumulating 100 points would achieve Accreditation at the Established Level.  These points may include the completion of Pathway 1: Foundation Level (25 points).  Elements of the previous Advanced Level Accreditation may be utilised as points toward the accumulation of 100 points (some conditions may apply).  The Accreditation Council has ruled that overall a minimum of 75 points out of the 100 accumulated points must be drawn from ARMS programs that have an assessment component.  


Pathway 3:  Advanced level (150 points) – The Accreditation Council approved a model where an individual accumulating 150 points would achieve Accreditation at the Advanced Level. Points must be drawn from the completion of Pathway 2 (100 points), with the remaining points drawn from the completion of a workplace based assessment (50 points).

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