The following set of tables has been created to assist individuals determining the maximum number of points which may be obtained from any assessed or non-assessed program.

  • Compulsory Elements - Assessed and Non-Assessed
  • Other ARMS Programs - Assessed  - These programs are non-compulsory and may be used to accrue assessed points.
  • ARMS Opportunities - Non-Assessed  - These opportunities are non-compulsory and may be used to accrue non-assessed points.
  • Programs, Workshops, Conferences - Non-Assessed  -  These are external (non-ARMS) programs which may be considered for non-assessed points.

Compulsory Elements - Assessed and Non-Assessed

 Leadership, Management and Strategic Thinking ProgramYes30
 Three (3) Electives from Winter/Spring SchoolYes30
 Nine (9) Ongoing Group Learning ActivitiesNo9

Other ARMS Programs - Assessed


 Foundation Level Accreditation Program
 (FLAP) with Case Study

 Individual FLAP Modules

 2.2: Post Award Processes

 3.3: Higher Degree by Research Candidature

 Master Classes

 Costing and Pricing of Research

 Fundamentals of Project Management




 Additional Electives Refer to the ARMS website for a full listing of
 current offerings.

ARMS Opportunities - Non-Assessed

ProgramExamplesAssessedMaximum Points
 ARMS PD Sessions @ Zoom - Presenter Create and Deliver one hour WebinarN/A1
 ARMS Training Fellow Deliver a FLAP Module or Master ClassN/A4
 Member of ARMS Working Group
 Developing ARMS Programs

 Leading Development of a New FLAP Module
 or Master Class

 Participation in a Working Group

 ARMS Reviewer FLAP Module or Master ClassN/A5
 ARMS Chapter or Special Interest Group (SIG) Convenor N/A5

Programs, Workshops, Conferences - Non-Assessed

Please note:

  • The points listed in this table are a guide only and ARMS will be the final arbitrator for determining the number of points from any non-ARMS program.
  • A maximum of 16 points as recognition of prior learning (non-assessed programs) may be approved as nine (9) non-assessed points will be accrued as part of the compulsory elements of the program.
  • The maximum number of points that will be granted for any non-ARMS program is 10 points, regardless of the duration of the program.
  • Recognition of prior learning will only be considered for programs completed within 12 months of the ELAP application.
ProgramExamplesAssessedMaximum Points
 National and International   Established Programs

 PRAXIS Australia - HREC Essentials


 Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) -
 Company Directors Course

 Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and
 New Zealand - Intentional Leadership

 Society of Research Administrators International
 (SRAI) - Intensive Training Programs and
 Certificate Programs

 European Association of Research Mangers and
 Administrators (EARMA) - Leaders in Research

 University-based Programs on   Leadership and Management


 Research Management Related   Conference:
 Session Speaker, Keynote Speaker,
 Convenor,  Poster Presenter 




N/A1 Point per Session
 Research Management Related   Conference:




N/A0.5 Points per Day
 Other Workshops or Programs -







N/A0.5 Points per
 Workshop, Session or Day