Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps those accredited, ARM(A)s, ARM(E)s and ARM(F)s to:

  • Maintain relevant knowledge;
  • Develop and implement research management practices in their workplaces;
  • Develop their career; and
  • Be an example or mentor to other research management professionals in their workplace.


Accredited members must complete a minimum of 60 hours of CPD over each three year period (commencing from the date of graduation or completion) according to the guidelines below.


CPD activities may comprise the following elements and may be claimed retrospectively for the previous 12 months:

  • ARMS activities not being undertaken as part of an ELAP;
  • Formal postgraduate study and other tertiary courses relevant to research administration and/or management not undertaken as part of a degree course;
  • Conference attendance, workshops, seminars, and other similar activities delivered or facilitated by recognised practitioners in the field of research management;           
  • Programs and courses which are not directly related to research management, but which build an individual’s personal knowledge and skills may also be considered (up to a max of 10 hours over a three-year period).  These may include cultural awareness programs, mental health, first aid programs etc.
  • Learning activities in the workplace which enhance research management knowledge or skills;
  • Service to ARMS, sister societies or other similar bodies up to a maximum of 30 hours over a three-year period;
  • Preparation and/or presentation of courses, talks and other material at research management workshops and conferences; and
  • Any other structured activities not covered by the above, but which satisfy the objectives of these Guidelines.


  • Activities undertaken as part of the applicant’s normal role would not usually be considered as continuing professional education.
  • Special dispensation may be provided for those unable to complete this requirement (see section on career break provision). Please consult the ARMS Accreditation Program Administrator for further advice on your individual case.
  • Where a member is accredited at more than one level then CPD requirements apply only to the highest level of accreditation attained.


Individuals or organisations may make a case at any time for inclusion of any specific event, course or workplace activity to be added to this Register. All claims must be logged into the CPD Diary section of the ARMS member's portal.


Accredited members wishing to claim hours of CPD may do so via the CPD Diary section of the ARMS member's portal. Please note:

  • Internal ARMS Events (where registration is undertaken on the ARMS website), should automatically accrue CPD once attendance is confirmed.  The maximum number of CPD hours attributed towards an event will be listed in the event registration and ARMS will approve the hours once attendance is confirmed.
  • In order to lodge a CPD claim, accredited members are required to log into their member portal and click on CPD Diary (located under My Content). At the top of the page click on the orange box "Add CPD Diary Entry" and fill out the requested fields.
  • Supporting Documentation is required to substantiate claims for any event that is not a module or ARMS in-house event. Supporting Documentation can be a brochure, agenda, or a copy of the training program for an event.
  • Verification from the line supervisor or a certificate of attendance is required and may be uploaded as a copy of an email.
  • Note that the maximum claim for any conference relevant to the profession will be 8 hours and any other event relevant to the profession will be 7 hours per day.
  • CPD hours for ARMS virtual events will be taken as time logged into the event using your email as a reference. If you have registered for an ARMS event and not attended, no CPD hours will be granted.
  • CPD hours will not be granted for viewing missed PD Sessions @ Zoom which are listed on the ARMS website.

Members can obtain a listing of all approved CPD claims via their member's portal.

The CPD working party shall be the final arbiter in decisions on the applicability of events/activities for CPD. The CPD working party meets quarterly in March, June, September and December to review CPD claims.


The requirement to accrue CPD while enrolled in an Established or Advanced level program is suspended during the time an individual is participating in a higher level accreditation program.  Points normally applied to CPD may in some instances be used as accreditation points in the ELAP. The requirement to maintain Professional Development through CPD will commence when the individual has completed the higher level accreditation program.


Members who are required to take a career break (sickness, child-birth, transfer etc) will be entitled to deduct the period of career interruption in their requirement to complete 60 hours CPD in each three year period. Contact the ARMS Accreditation Program Administrator for details: ARMSAccreditation@researchmanagement.org.au.