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ARMS Training Fellow is a title given to an individual recognised by the Accreditation Council as having the knowledge and skills to present workshops as part of the Foundation Level Accreditation Program or for Master Classes. The Accreditation Council is authorised to oversee quality standards of delivery content. Training Fellows are from the broad remit of ARMS Chapters, including  Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. A list of Training Fellows is available on the ARMS website.


Training Fellows fulfill at least one of the following:

·         Deliver Foundation Level Accreditation modules as part of the FLAP

·         Review Foundation Level Accreditation modules as part of the FLAP

·         Deliver Master Classes

·         Review Master Classes

Connie Killey

   Yordanka Krastev

Tam Nguyen



Training Fellows are individuals who have been authorised by the Accreditation Council as having the knowledge, experience, and skills to speak authoritatively about a specific module or Master Class.

To become a Training Fellow, the individual must have formally submitted an Expression of Interest to the ARMS Executive Office seeking nominations for this role. The Accreditation Council recommends the appointment of Training Fellows to the ARMS Board for its endorsement. Appointment conditions for Training Fellows as approved by the Accreditation Council are as follows:

• Training Fellows are a select group across the geographical spread of ARMS reach, who have been authorised by the Accreditation Council to deliver material for approved Foundation Level Accreditation programs or for Master Classes;

• The term of each appointment will be two years with renewal for a further term through an approval process as required by the Accreditation Council;

• Training Fellows must remain “active and financial members” of ARMS during the term of their appointment;

• Training Fellows must maintain currency in their knowledge of the approved area of delivery;

• Training Fellows are asked to discuss any possible workload implications with their current employer (though expenses incurred in attending workshop delivery will be reimbursed);

• ARMS Training Fellows will be required to provide feedback on the review of workshop materials including the pool of multiple-choice assessment questions; and

• Members of the Accreditation Council are not eligible for appointment as ARMS Training Fellows.

It should also be noted that if a Training Fellow delivers a workshop in either face-to-face or via video conference, she/he will receive (anonymous) feedback from their workshop participants following a post-workshop survey. These results are provided to the Accreditation Council annually for review. In instances where feedback has not been favourable, the results will be discussed with the Training Fellow with a representative from the ARMS Executive Office.



Group Learning Approaches – Face-to-Face (in person or via video conference) for module and Master Class delivery.

When modules or Master Classes are being delivered in person the Executive Office will endeavour to offer programs across the geographical remit of ARMS. Chapter Committees may be asked for support with local delivery of such programs, including room bookings, catering etc.

When modules or Master Classes are being delivered in video conference format, Participants may register to participate across the geographical remit of ARMS.

It is important to note that ARMS Training Fellows will be required to understand the broader context of the Foundation Level Accreditation Program (FLAP) and the Established Level Accreditation Program (ELAP), in addition to the specific content of their workshop. For this purpose, each Training Fellow should familiarise themselves with the “Guide to ARMS Training Fellows” which is provided to each Training Fellow and made available via the ARMS Executive Office.

Registrants will be provided with a copy of the Body of Knowledge (BoK) ahead of the scheduled delivery date. Each registrant will be instructed by the ARMS Executive Office to review the Body of Knowledge ahead of the scheduled workshop delivery date as a pre-reading requirement. Where workshops are being delivered via video conference, participants may receive additional materials which will help facilitate the management of break-out rooms. Following the delivery of the workshop, participants will receive by email a copy of the Power Point slides and a link to the multiple-choice quiz.

Modules and Master Classes incorporate considerable group work and interaction and thus will be offered in person, where possible. However, under the current COVID-19 environment, the Accreditation Council has permitted workshops to be delivered via video conference; typically Zoom, capping registrations at 16 persons. No minimum number of participants has been set, though modules generally will not be delivered in video conference mode to groups of under four persons. Workshop delivery times may vary slightly, but as a general rule, they are expected to take between 3.5 to 4 hours for modules and 5 to 7 hours for Master Classes.

Workshops delivered in person shall comprise of up to 30 participants, with a minimum requirement of 8 participants. Though this may be varied by discussion with the ARMS Training Fellow presenting the workshop. It is essential that Registrants read the Body of Knowledge for the module prior to attending the workshop so that they can contribute effectively to group discussions. It is also necessary for Registrants to read the Body of Knowledge (BOK) for each workshop attended as the Training Fellow may not be able to cover all material in depth during the 3.5 to 7 hour workshop.

Registrants should not assume that all assessable material will be covered during the in-person or video conference style workshops.



ARMS has converted seven (7) compulsory modules into online learning modules using the Moodle platform. This online learning management system (LMS) allows participants to independently learn at a self-paced rate, and participants can register for the modules via the ARMS website. Upon successful registration and payment for the module, participants will receive a confirmation registration email from ARMS. A link to the online module will then be available within the participant’s ARMS member portal. The module quiz can be attempted once the online module is completed. It is expected that further modules will be progressively added to the online platform and candidates may eventually be able to complete the five (5) modules required for Foundation Level accreditation via this online platform. 



The Accreditation Council has recommended that all module and Master class materials (Body of Knowledge, power point presentations and quiz questions) be updated at regular intervals as determined. The Accreditation Council is responsible for assessing all revisions to these materials.



From time to time, Training Fellows will be asked to provide additional questions and answers, in addition to those provided by the module developers in order to extend and refresh the pool of questions offered as part of this assessment. The Accreditation Council considers that each module or Master Class should be supported by a bank of approximately 100 + multiple choice questions. 



Any questions relating to ARMS Training Fellows can be directed to:

Telephone + 61 8 8 8201 5592