ARMS is the Australasian association of research management professionals*. The society's membership spans universities, independent research institutions, government and health research organisations from across Australasian region including Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. 

*Research Management Professionals are defined as individuals who provide strategic, management, technical, administrative, or clerical assistance to support the research endeavour. 

To join an existing corporate membership please go to the grey box at the bottom of the screen and click 'Sign up for an account to connect'.

ARMS Member's Portal Operational Guide

Corporate Membership

This category is designed for organisations that would like to create a new corporate membership.

Small Corporate Membership

This category is designed for small organisations such as Medical Research Institutes, Government Organisations, etc. 

Individual Membership

This category is designed for individuals who are employed or active in the field of research management and/or administration at any level and with any sector of the research community.

Retired Membership

This category is designed for current members who have retired from the research management profession but wish to remain a part of the Society.

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