The Research Contracting Working Group, (a working group of the ARMS Research Directors Special Interest Group) was established with the overarching aim to improve the efficacy of undertaking business within the sector. The establishment of the Contracting Working Group coincided with work the Australian Federal Government was undertaking to improve University – Industry contracting.  Through active feedback from key Corporate members across the sector, the Contracting Working Group has undertaken a series of initiatives aimed at addressing key impediments in conducting inter-institutional contracting, which include: 

·       Streamlining Research Head Agreements and consequential MIAs, and 

·       Developing new template agreements that could be adopted by the sector. 

Below are a series of MIAs which are being adopted across the sector and available to ARMS members and the broader community. 

The Contracting Working Group has also developed a set of principles and approaches to contracting.  Feedback on the content of  the ARMS Good Practice Guide is welcomed - See below for full details. 


We thank the members of the Contracting Working Group for generously volunteering their time to support improved University-Industry Contracting. 

  • Jodi Clyde-Smith - University of Queensland (Working Group Lead
  • Christine Joannides, - Australian Research Council 
  • Virginie Hoareau – Deakin University
  • Christine Joannides – Australian Research Council 
  • Camilla Liddy - University of South Australia 
  • Libby Mangan – University of New England 
  • Dave McHugh - Australian Research Council 
  • Leah McKenzie - Australian Research Council 
  • Ross McLennan - Macquarie University
  • Claire Parmenter - Charles Darwin University 
  • Helen Partridge - Monash University 
  • Arvind.Reddy - The University of Canberra 
  • Douglas Robertson, Consultant - formerly ANU

Frank Anastasopoulos (UoM) and Connie Killey (Deakin) came as invited participants from the post-award SIG.



ARC Linkage Project (LP)

ARC Discovery Project Grant (DP)

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) Grant

ARMS Good Practice Guide for University to University Contracting

ARMS Good Practice Guide for University to University Contracting

This document is provided to the sector as guidance – we welcome feedback on the content. Please direct feedback to Douglas Robertson at

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Grant

A sectoral consultation period for the development of the new NHMRC MIA occured during the month of July followed by an online training session "3 -in- 1" held on Monday the 31st of July 2023. The MIA, recording and presenter's slides from the training session are available for download below: 

NHMRC MIA (3 in 1) LL31 July 2023 Clean

Training Session: New NHMRC MIA - One to bind them all! (Recording) 

Training Session: New NHMRC MIA - One to bind them all! (PowerPoint)