The Accreditation Council plays an important role in the accreditation process, overseeing quality standards of module content and delivery agents and providing a measure of independence from the ARMS Board over accreditation recommendations.

The Accreditation Council includes representation from:

  • A person who served in the position of Pro or Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) - Professor Joseph Graffam, ex DVCR, Deakin University.
  • A Person who served in the position of Director of a University Research Office - Ms Jodieann Dawe, Director of Research and Innovation Services, UniSA.
  • A Board member of ARMS - Dr Ross McLennan, Executive Director, Research Services, Macquarie University.
  • A member who has served in the position of General Manager/Chief Operating Officer of an Independent Medical Research Institute - Ms Kate Gunn, COO, Children's Medical Research Institute. 
  • Two members from key Australian Agencies involved in the research and innovation system, including but not limited to CSIRO, ARC, NHMRC, the CRC Association - Dr Melissa Straffon, Executive Manager, CSIRO Research and Ms Kathie Dent, Acting Chief Programs Officer, Australian Research Council.
  • A member drawn from key New Zealand agencies involved in research and innovation - Ms Joanne Looyen, Manager, Service Design and Report, Science System Investment and Performance, Labour, Science and Enterprise Group, MBIE, NZ.
  • A member drawn from key Singaporean agency involved in research and innovation - Professor Andy Hor, Deputy Chief Executive, A*Star Singapore. 
  • Maria Zollo, ARMS Chief Operating Officer, In attendance, Secretariat:  Accreditation Council.
  • Dana Watts, ARMS Accreditation Program Adminstrator, In attendance. 

The initial Chair will be the person who has served in the position of Pro or Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) and will occupy this position for three years. Future Chairs will be drawn from the membership of the Accreditation Council.

The Accreditation Council receives administrative support from the ARMS Executive Office