Foundation Level Accreditation

Requirements: 25 points made up of five completed modules (including three compulsory modules) with a minimum pass mark of 75% per module and a completed case study. Each successfully completed module is worth four points and the successfully completed case study is worth five points. As well as completing these requirements there is a requirement for all candidates to participate in some program elements that encourage peer-to-peer interaction. Normally this would be satisfied by attending modules delivered in face-to-face mode where peer-to-peer interaction is encouraged. Modules delivered via video conference also satisfy this requirement.

Example 1: Reza has been in the Research Office for 18 months and is keen to complete his ARMS Foundation level accreditation. He completed one compulsory module (Module 1.3, Understanding Research and Researchers) when an ARMS Training Fellow delivered it face-to-face at his university 12 months ago. He has examined the ARMS calendar for module delivery and sees that Modules 2.1 (Pre-Award) and 2.2 (Post-Award) are being delivered via video conference in the next two months, however he cannot see the remaining two compulsory modules scheduled for delivery (Module 1.1, National Overview of the Research and Innovation System and Module 1.2 Legislation as it Applies to Research). What are his options?

Reza needs to successfully complete five modules before he can sit his case study. The compulsory modules (1.1 and 1.2) that he must complete are available in the ARMS online platform so he can complete these by registering with the ARMS Administrative Officer. He can also register for the Pre-award and Post-award modules being delivered via video conference. Should he successfully complete these modules then he will have gained 20 points towards his Foundation Level accreditation (five modules at four points each) and hence is eligible to sit the case study (worth five points) to gain his total of 25 points.

His one module attended face-to-face, and his two modules attended via video conference will satisfy the peer-to-peer requirements of the program and so he can complete his case study individually. If Reza had completed four or five modules online, then he would be required to participate in a half day workshop (face-to-face or video conference) discussing the case study to satisfy the peer-to-peer learning elements.