Established Level Accreditation

Requirements: Candidates are required to complete 100 points of education and professional development programs to successfully attain Established Level accreditation. A minimum of 75 points must be in ARMS assessed programs. Programs, their points value and their assessment status or requirements are available on the ARMS website.

Example 1: Josie has been in research management for just under four years now. She started in the Graduate School for three years and has been in the ethics team for the last 12 months. Their Office has just been restructured (again) and her Director wants her to take on a supervisor role over a combined Grants and Ethics Unit. This is quite a promotion with her new role encompassing supervision of staff with responsibilities in research development, pre-award, and post-award activities. The Unit will also be required to interact with the Finance Department and other central administration units. Josie has previously completed the ARMS Foundation Level accreditation program of three compulsory modules and two elective modules – these two elective modules were part of the Higher Degree by Research module suite. She also completed the Foundation level module on Ethics when she started her ethics role. Josie’s Director has recommended that she complete the ARMS Established Level accreditation program to equip her for this new role. What are her options?

Josie is starting from a base of 29 points (25 points from her completed Foundation Level program and another 4 points for the more recently completed Ethics module). All these elements were assessed so she requires another 71 points to attain her Established Level accreditation of which a minimum of 46 additional points must be in assessed elements (75-29 = 46points). Josie has a range of options to choose from which could include:

  • Leadership, Management and Strategic Thinking. This is an assessed, compulsory element of the ELAP. (mandatory)
  • Three, one day electives from a selection of specialist areas providing deeper knowledge of the topic chosen and implementation of a research management setting. Each elective is assessed and has a value of ten (10) points. (mandatory)
  • Peer to peer Group Learning discussions which are a compulsory, non-assessed element. (mandatory)
  • Master Classes (elective)
  • Recognintion of prior learning from non-ARMS programs completed within 12 months of Josie's ELAP application. (elective)

In addition, Josie could also choose further modules from the range of 20 Foundation Level elective modules covering topics such as Research Finance, Research Integrity etc. – each is assessed and carries a value of 4 points.

Josie’s participation in numerous other ARMS professional development activities such as PD Sessions @ Zoom may also qualify for the non-assessed component of this program.



Additional examples of ELAP pathways: