Why choose ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program?

People come into research management from many different backgrounds. Some from administration, some from management and an increasing amount from research backgrounds. Much of the learning in research management comes from on the job training supplemented by workshops, conferences and personal encounters.

ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program Provides:

  • Independent verification of the skills and knowledge of those engaged in research management;
  • An opportunity to learn from other passionate research management professionals currently working within the industry and whom have developed different experience-based perspectives; and
  • The environment to network with other like-minded research management professionals.

ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program is designed for individuals who are: 

  • New to research management/administration (less than 5 years);
  • Not new to research management/administration but seeking to update their knowledge;
  • Seeking to learn more about research administration;
  • Not new to research management but may be new to a specific element of it; and
  • Seeking to extend their knowledge beyond existing specialisations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the key elements of research and the innovation system;
  • Basic understanding of legislation as it applies to research;
  • Understanding of the motivations and drivers for researchers and research managers; and
  • Successfully applied learnt knowledge to a case study simulating a real life management experience.

What Will I Study?

ARMS has developed a wide range of Foundation Level Accreditation Program (FLAP) modules. View all current modules in the ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program Guide. These consist of a mix of compulsory modules and elective modules.  Modules may be taken as stand-alone units for professional development.

To view the full foundation module descriptions, read more here.

Requirements for gaining accreditation as an ARMS Accredited Research Manager (Foundation) or ARMF

To become accredited, candidates must:

  • Participate in five module workshops offered face to face, as online virtual meetings or as a complete online module. Three of the completed modules must be compulsory and the remaining two elective modules are of the participant's personal preference.
  • Complete the multiple choice assessment for each of the five modules. Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 75% to pass this assessment.
  • Complete a Case Study. This is a critical review highlighting issues of relevance to research management professionals.  Case studies are offered bi-annually (typically May and October).
  • At the successful completion of all stages you will receive the post nominal ARMS Accredited Research Manager (Foundation) or ARM(F).

How Is  ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Maintained?

Accredited members must complete a minimum of 60 hours of CPD over each three year period following accreditation in accordance with the CPD guidelines.

The objective of continuing professional education helps members to:

  • Maintain relevant knowledge;
  • Develop and implement research management practices in their workplaces;
  • Develop their careers; and
  • Be an example or mentor to other research management professionals in their workplaces.

Read more on Continuing Professional Development

Quality Control:

The Accreditation Council oversees the quality standards of module content and the ARMS Training Fellows. This provides independence from the ARMS Board in accreditation recommendations and standards.

Who will assess me?

Case Study Reviewers are endorsed by the ARMS Accreditation Council. These are typically very senior and experienced research management professionals such as Research Officer Directors. For consistency in marking, case study reviewers are provided with a set of marking instructions which includes a set of standard responses to each of the case study questions.

ARMS Training Fellows:

ARMS Training Fellows (or module presenters) are also appointed by ARMS the Accreditation Council. These are individuals that act as ambassadors to the Accreditation Program and have been recognised by the ARMS Accreditation Council as having the knowledge and skills to speak authoritatively on selected areas of research management and the ability to effectively train others.

ARMS Training Fellows come from varied backgrounds and provide comprehensive knowledge of research management. They also bring a fresh and innovative approach to the delivery of module material.

Read more information on the ARMS Training Fellows.

The Accreditation Policy and Procedures manual has full details of all requirements to achieve accreditation and to maintain accreditation.

For more information on the ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation please read the ARMS Foundation Level FAQs.