As part of good governance, the Society is reviewing the Terms of Reference of its Standing Committees and other organisational instruments. This ensures that the Terms of Reference are current and aligned with our organisational intent, operational practices (especially in light of Covid) and strategic objectives, as set out in our Strategic Plan Towards 2025. We want to ensure that that the functions of these Standing Committees remain current and relevant.

ARMS Members are now invited to provide feedback on the proposed revised Terms of Reference for the following:

  • Conferences and Major Events Committee (CMEC) – Major events including the annual ARMS conference, Australasian Ethics Network Conference.
  • Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC) – Operational management and delivery of the Accreditation Program and other society-wide professional development activities.
  • Governance, Finance and Audit Committee (GFAC) – Supports the Board to maintain by-laws, policies, assure rigour of election processes, monitor budget and risk.
  • Member Services Committee (MSC) – Services to Members including in relation to Chapters, Special Interest Groups, awards and scholarships.

Review and consultation to date:

Over the past 6 months, the Board and all current members of the Standing Committees have been given the opportunity to closely critique the Terms of Reference.

Revised Terms of Reference for review:

Proposed revised ToRs in clean format and tracked changed formats are available here:

Conferences and Major Events Committee (CMEC)

CMEC ToR Endorsed 

CMEC ToR Tracked Changes

Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC) 

EPDC ToR Endorsed

EPDC ToR Tracked Changes

Governance, Finance and Audit Committee (GFAC) 

GFAC ToR Endorsed

GFAC Tracked Changes 

Member Services Committee (MSC) 

MSC ToR Endorsed

MSC Tor Tracked Changes