Costing and Pricing of Research

An important skillset for any Researcher, Research Administrator, Research Manager, Department Finance Officer or Commercial Manager is to be able to effectively cost and price research projects. With this in mind, the ARMS Costing and Pricing training workshop has been developed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Research Project Costing and Pricing to ultimately ensure there are enough resources for a project to be successfully completed within the project scope and ensure that key Organisational and Investor requirements have been considered.

Key learning outcomes

After completing this Master Class, research administrators should have an increased understanding of:

  • How the external environment influences costing and pricing;
  • Key costing and pricing terminology;
  • The key considerations and elements of effectively costing and pricing a research project;
  • The principles and components of the full cost of research;
  • Competitive neutrality and its requirements for costing and pricing;
  • Medical Trials costing and pricing;
  • Costing and pricing a research project based upon specific funding rounds and funding agency requirements;
  • Key considerations when costing and pricing a research project in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and for US Federal Government Grants;
  • Submitting a compelling funding request; and
  • Where to get assistance in their organisation.

Who should attend?

This Master Class is suitable for Researchers, Research Administrators and Research Commercial Managers involved in the costing and pricing of Research Projects.

Whilst this Master Class specifically focuses on the University environment, there are many components which apply equally to other research institutions such as Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs), Hospitals, Research Institutes and other Research Organisations such as CSIRO.