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Ethics & Research Integrity SIG - SIG FEST 2022

The Ethics and Research Integrity Special Interest Group:

  • Forum to discuss research ethics issues such as understanding research ethics codes and legislation in Australasia, and improving the process of ethical review at institutions.
    SIG Stream 1: Australasian Ethics Network

The Convenors of the SIG are Dr Karolyn White from Macquarie University and Dr Nitya Phillipson from the Murdoch Children's Medical Research Institute. 

Dr Karolyn White 

Director, Research Ethics and Integrity at Macquarie University

Dr Karolyn White is the Director, Research Ethics and Integrity at Macquarie University.  Dr White has taught ethics and integrity and researched in the field for many years.  She currently presents her research at both national and international conferences, teaches into programs for Human Ethics Committees and Chairs an HREC.  Dr White was a member of the NHMRC, ARC, UA committee which advised on the revision of the 2018 Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and Chaired the working party developing Managing and Investigating potential breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.  Dr White is the Chair of the Australian Ethics Network and Co-Coordinator of the ARMS Ethics and Integrity SIG. 

Dr Nitya Phillipson

Research Quality, Governance & Integrity Lead- Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Nitya trained as a Pharmacologist at Kings College London and the University of Melbourne before moving into research management. She has extensive experience managing human research ethics, having lead the ethics and governance teams at numerous hospitals (The Royal Children’s Hospital & Royal Melbourne Hospital) and Universities (Macquarie & Swinburne University) across Australia. She has also managed complex investigations into high profile serious research misconduct and is passionate about the human side of integrity and helping researchers overcome the insidious pitfalls and often poor systems that contribute to research integrity issues.

Further enquiries can be directed to ARMSMembership@researchmanagement.org.au with the SIG name in the subject line.

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