Conduct of Research & Research Integrity Network

The Conduct of Research & Research Integrity Network is a platform for research integrity and governance issues. Topics range from assigning and agreeing on authorship, managing research data and primary materials and producing research governance frameworks to developing educational programs for the promotion of responsible research, and to investigating alleged research misconduct.

ARMS members who are interested in participating in the activities of the Network are invited to join the Ethics & Research Integrity via their member profile accessible through the ARMS website. Members can then take part in peer discussions, share resources and news items and participate in bench marking amongst institutions.

Workshops on the conduct of research, in particular on implementing the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, are a regular feature at ARMS conferences.

In addition, the SIG collaborates with ARMS Chapters, Group of Eight, ANDS, ARC and NHMRC to deliver these workshops locally, including workshops specifically aimed at Research Integrity Advisors.

For further information please contact Dr Ted Rohr by emailing with the SIG name in the subject line.