ARMS is currently seeking interested volunteers to serve on a range of Standing Committees for the Society.  ARMS Standing Committees are important in supporting the ARMS Board to meet its strategic objectives as outlined in the ARMS Strategic Plan – Towards 2025.

Vacancies currently exist on the following Standing Committees:

  • Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC);
  • Governance, Finance and Audit Committee (GFAC); and
  • Conferences and Major Events Committee (CMEC)

About the Standing Committees

Education and Professional Development Committee

This committee will oversee the development, promotion, operational management and delivery of the Society’s Accreditation Program (Foundation and Professional) and other professional development activities to serve the needs of the members.

Governance, Finance and Audit Committee

This committee will ensure that there are robust and effective processes for evaluating the performance of the Board and Board Standing Committees, and to ensure the Board fulfils its legal and functional responsibilities.  The committee also supports the Board with maintaining the By-Laws and reviewing or developing other policies as necessary.  It shall oversee the rigor and independence of the election processes as well as assist the Board in fulfilling their financial responsibilities by overseeing the development and review of financial reports, assessing systems of internal controls and adequacy of risk management as well as facilitating auditing processes.

Conferences and Major Events Committee

This Committee shall advise on and oversee major events including the annual Society conference, the biennial Australasian Ethics Network (AEN) conference and, when necessary, the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Congress, as well as any other major events held by or in association with the Society from time to time (e.g., the Australasian Research Training Network events).

Level of Commitment expected

Since the pandemic commenced, adjustments have been made to the length and frequency of meetings for all Standing Committee members.  Currently, Standing Committees meet on average three times per annum for up to three hours and may be required to consider other matters out-of-session via email.

The terms of reference for each of the standing committees are as follows:

Education and Professional Development Committee

Governance, Finance and Audit Committee

Conferences and Major Events Committee

Assessment Criteria

Intending applicants will be required to complete an EOI template and address the following assessment criteria:

  • More than more than five (5) years’ experience in the research management profession.
  • A track record of demonstrated governance and/or finance expertise; and
  • A willingness to commit at least two days per month to the activities of the Committee.

Nominees will be assessed against these skills and experience criteria and if the number of nominees considered suitable exceeds the number of vacancies available then a ballot must be held.  Otherwise, the suitable nominees will be deemed elected.

1. Timeline for the Appointment of the Governance, Finance and Audit Committee.




Friday, 18 March 2022

Official call for Membership to the GFAC opens.  


Executive Office to send out communication to members and via social media.

Tuesday, 19 April 2022  

Call for Membership to ARMS Standing Committees close  

Executive Office (to receive nominations).

From 22 April

Nominations assessed by relevant Standing Committee

Executive Office to coordinate.

To be determined if required.

Ballot to be called (only applies if the number of nominees considered suitable exceeds the number of vacancies available.  

Executive Office.

By 11 April 2022 (approximately)

Final recommendations for membership on the GFAC to be endorsed by the ARMS Board.

ARMS Board.

1 May (approximately)

New members of the Standing Committees advised including formal announcement (communique) to the membership via e-blast.

ARMS Executive Office.

2. Application Process

Intending applicants are required to complete an EOI Template.  All EOIs must be signed by the applicant’s direct supervisor.

3. Contact

Please direct any enquiries to Maria Zollo, ARMS COO – email  or telephone +61 0402 418 973