Call for Membership on the newly established ARMS Marketing and Communications Advisory Group (MarCom)

The Marketing and Communications Advisory Group is a newly established working group of ARMS which reports to the Board of Directors.

Its purpose is to provide strategic advice and guidance to the Board and the Executive Office on matters relating to social media and marketing activities that support the vision, mission and objectives of ARMS.

The MarCom will be responsible 

  1. Reviewing and suggesting annual improvements to the ARMS Marketing and Communications Strategy.Advising on emerging trends, best practices and innovations in social media and marketing relevant to ARMS.
  2. Making suggestions in relation to social media marketing campaigns and approaches; and
  3. Supporting the development and maintenance of a consistent and professional brand identity for ARMS across all platforms and channels.
  4. Liaising and collaborating with other ARMS committees, reference groups, chapters and special interest groups on social media and marketing initiatives.
  5. Suggesting relevant metrics and indicators for the ARMS Office on the performance and impact of social media and marketing activities.
  6. Providing tactical advice and feedback on the implementation and evaluation of the ARMS Marketing and Communications Strategy, including identifying opportunities, challenges and risks.

We are currently seeking up to six (6) members to serve on the MarCom across the geographical remit of ARMS, ensuring a balance of skills, experience, diversity and representation across all operations of ARMS. 

If you have the experience and interest in making a difference to the Society’s marketing engagement and are able to commit to the requirements as specified in the Terms of Reference (ToR) please send through an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Expression of Interest Requirements

Briefly describe your background and relevant marketing and social media experience in no more than 250 words and send to by no later than Friday the 10th of May 2024.