Module 6.1: Working with Industry

With the current push from governments to encourage collaboration between publicly funded research agencies and industry, this module examines the different research drivers for industry and public research organisations, and the institutional strategies and parameters that build a culture of collaboration.

As well as examining common barriers to partnering with industry, the module also provides practical approaches to partnering including finding industry partners, ensuring alignment and gives “top tips” for partnering.

Throughout the module there is an emphasis on the role that the Research Office can play in ensuring industry collaborations are effective and beneficial to all parties. The module also includes a section on formalising relationships and contracting, including managing the relationship and ensuring that it finishes well.

Key learning outcomes

After completing this module, research administrators should be able to:

  • Understand the imperatives and benefits of industry-research engagement from the perspectives of research organisations and that of industry partners;
  • Understand how the policies, priorities and performance measures of research organisations can act as barriers to industry-research engagement;
  • Recognise that aligning vision, culture and capability with industry partners are key success factors;
  • Understand that transactional barriers can also impede collaboration;
  • Understand that the small firms (SMEs) differ from larger organisations in terms of their drivers and ability to be able to engage with research organisations;
  • Support researchers with practical tips in finding industry partners;
  • Understand what obligations of confidentiality mean and when Non-Disclosure Agreements should be used; and
  • Understand the different types of projects available for industry-research engagement and that small projects can lead to a pipeline of further opportunities.

Who should attend?

This module is suitable for those who are new to the research management profession, those who have specialised in one area of research management and wish to broaden their knowledge and/or those who are experienced research managers but wish to refresh their knowledge in a specific topic area.

Research managers and administrators from all organisations and institutions will benefit from this module including those from:

  • Research agencies and institutes;
  • Medical research institutes;
  • Research and development corporations;
  • Research centres;
  • Government departments;
  • Funding bodies;
  • Industrial research and development teams;
  • Service providers;
  • Commercialisation bodies; and
  • Consultancies.

In addition, those who are involved with end-user interaction, either in business development roles or post-award roles, will find this overview helpful.

This is an elective module for individuals completing the ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program in all regions. Each module can also be taken as a stand-alone unit for professional development purposes.