Module 1.1-NZ: The National Research and Innovation System in New Zealand

The National Research and Innovation System in New Zealand module is designed to provide participants with an overview of New Zealand Research, Science and Technology sector.

This module covers the role of government, business and higher education in the national research and innovation system, funding mechanisms, codes and current issues. The module examines research and innovation policy settings in New Zealand and looks at New Zealand’s performance in international standings.

It also looks at the key stakeholders in the New Zealand research and innovation system, including the main funding agencies and briefly at ethics and integrity codes and the role of research managers in expediting research.

Key learning outcomes

After completing this module, participants will have covered:

  • An introduction to some key concepts of research relevant for an understanding of the structure and culture of the sector’s stakeholders;
  • Brief descriptions of the players in the sector or research and innovation system;
  • An overview of the funding regime in New Zealand;
  • Key national drivers of research and development;
  • Measuring quality and performance; and
  • Current issues facing the sector.

Who should attend?

This module is suitable for those who are new to the research management profession, those who have specialised in one area of research management and wish to broaden their knowledge and/or those who are experienced research managers but wish to refresh their knowledge in a specific topic area.

The broad scope of this module makes it relevant to a wide audience from across the research management field including:

  • Research management and administrative officers relatively new to their role;
  • Postgraduate students and postdoctoral positions as they embark on their research career;
  • Executives and officers of relevant organisations an interest in research and innovation;
  • Private sector managers requiring background on New Zealand research and innovation; and
  • Professionals wishing to update or broaden their knowledge of the New Zealand research and innovation system.

This is a compulsory module for individuals completing the ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program in New Zealand. Each module can also be taken as a stand-alone unit for professional development purposes.