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Research Information & Reporting SIG - SIG FEST 2022

The Research Information and Reporting SIG was formed to promote the dissemination and institutional collaboration for members working in this area and is defined by the common interest area of research information management, research performance indicators and reporting, and the systems that underpin these processes.

This SIG was originally established as the ‘Research Information Management Systems Special Interest Group’ following a session held at the 2013 ARMS Conference in Adelaide. The agreed scope of the SIG was defined around the common interest area of systems and the related processes and procedures.

Following a meeting held at the 2017 ARMS conference, a proposal was submitted and subsequently endorsed by the Board to re-badge the previously titled Research Information Management Systems Special Interest Group to the Research Information and Reporting (RIR) SIG.  The revised name comes with a broader scope which better aligns with the major themes covered in the ARMS Foundation Accreditation Program ‘Research Information and Reporting’ module, namely:

  • The international, national and institutional contexts which drive the requirements to collect, process, manage and analyse research information;
  • The theory behind and basic principles of relational database systems and the management of research information systems;
  • An understanding of reporting requirements and the principles of evidence-based policy;
  • An introduction to research performance indicators and research drivers in the context of research evaluation and assessment; and
  • The realisation that research data increasingly underpins all aspects of the research domain.

RIR SIG Convening Committee Members:

  • Adam Finch, CSIRO
  • Anupom Roy, Macquarie University
  • Elizabeth Przywolnik, University of Notre Dame (Co-convenor)
  • Gary Long, Western Sydney University (Co-convenor)
  • Judy Alexander, University of Newcastle
  • Justin Shearer, University of Melbourne
  • Marianne Brown, James Cook University
  • Shim Mohanty, Australian National University

To contact the Convenor, email ARMSMembership@researchmanagement.org.au

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