The Research Impact Special Interest Group (RI-SIG) has been set up to provide support for research managers involved in developing an impact culture, embedding impact strategies, planning for impact, engaging with end-users or playing any other role with an aim to assist researchers to maximise the impact of their research.

The RI-SIG will:

  • share knowledge and good practice (with a focus around impact resourcing, support and strategy)
  • facilitate networking between members of this emerging specialism within research management
  • identify learning and professional development needs
  • act as voice to respond to specialist consultations
  • work across SIGs on collaborative activities in areas of relevance (in particular, the Research Information and Reporting SIG in impact reporting, and the First Nations SIG)
  • ultimately lead towards developing a positive, inclusive, supportive research impact culture within Australasia.

The ARMS member’s portal will be used for discussion and to share information. We expect to meet on an annual basis at the ARMS conference, as well as having monthly online networking meetings.

The RI-SIG Co-Convenors are:

  • Faith Welch, University of Auckland;
  • Catherine McElhone, University of Technology Sydney;
  • Julie Ward, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Helen Slaney, La Trobe University

 To contact the Convenors please email

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