ARMS is pleased to announce the official re-launch of the Research Development SIG and welcome all interested ARMS members to register.

Feedback from the  March 2021 survey crystallised into three key streams of activities. These streams will enable us to focus in depth on key aspects within the broad umbrella that is “research development”. The streams are:

Research Strategy, Planning and Implementation comprises of a range of activities aimed at proactively identifying, developing and implementing strategies to enhance the research performance and reputation of a group or institution.

Activities that underpin Research Strategy, Planning and Implementation include but are not limited to:

-        Research trend analysis

-        Mapping research capabilities and identifying institutional research priorities

-        Measuring, tracking and monitoring institutional research performance

-        Designing and deploying programs to develop research capability and capacity

-        Providing input into research related policies at an institutional, state or national level

-        Provide briefings and advice to institutional leadership on research related issues

-        Managing and advising on internal funding priorities

-        External engagement to promote institutional research strategy and gain insight into future research trends and opportunities

Stream Convenor: Dr Kirsten Lawrie, University of Queensland

Researcher development refers to activities that are aimed at supporting the professional and career development of the academic workforce and the postgraduate research community at the institution.

Activities that fall under the umbrella of researcher development include but not limited to:

-        Delivering research capability and skills training for research-engaged academics and postgraduate students

-        Developing resources to support graduate research students and supervisors

-        Advising on research career paths for early and mid-career researchers

-        Facilitating access to research mentoring and coaching support

-        Facilitating access to external capability- and career-strengthening resources, such as communities of practice and professional memberships

-        Organising and activating internal research networks of practice

-        Identifying professional development needs of the institution vis-à-vis strategic research priorities

Stream Convenor: Dr Dora Horvath, Swinburne University of Technology

Grant Development encompasses activities that support the development of research funding applications from conceptualisation of project ideas and identification of funding sources through to application development and submission. There is teamwork and a number of partnerships needed within and outside of research offices that enable quality and effective grant development.

Grant development activities include, but are not limited to:

-        Identifying and disseminating funding opportunities

-        The development, writing and review of grant and contract proposals

-        Advising researchers in the preparation and articulation of research track record

-        Compliance and eligibility

-        Relationship brokering (internal to a research institution)

-        Partnerships/ business development (external to a research institution)

-        Interacting with funding agencies

-        Liaising with institutional research administrators and leadership internally

Stream Convenor: Dr Marina Delpin, The University of South Australia (UniSA)

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