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International Research Collaborations SIG - SIG FEST 2022

The International Research Collaborations group facilitates information sharing through various means including a forum and other professional development activities.

The Aim of the International Research Collaborations SIG

To ensure the ARMS network can continue to capitalise on international collaboration and access world-leading science and innovation, greater coordination and integration across the research community is required. In the absence of significant investment e.g. International science linkage program and contracting research funding in Australasia generally, a forum for the research community is critical to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences in managing and promoting international collaborations.

The International Research Collaborations Special Interest Group aims to:

  • Provide a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences in managing research partnerships in priority regions ie Asia, Europe and Americas;
  • Facilitate information sharing and experiences in dealing with compliance for international grants;
  • Benchmarking;
  • Act as a collective voice in promoting and advocating international research collaborations with respective government bodies and authorities nationally and internationally; and
  • Organise professional development activities and seminars on relevant topics of interest to members.

The Co-Convenors of the IRC SIG are Jace Carson and Suzanne Austin.

The IRC SIG welcomes new members. ARMS will look to invigorate this SIG over the next 12 months - join now to be kept in the loop!

For enquiries, please contact ARMSMembership@researchmanagement.org.au

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