ARMS is pleased to be offering a new Special Interest Group (SIG) to our members.

The First Nations Research SIG will facilitate networking between members of this emerging specialism within research management, while identifying learning and professional development needs.

The SIG will also facilitate:

  • Sharing of knowledge and good practice (initially with a focus around resources and support)
  • Act as voice to respond to specialist consultations
  • Ultimately lead towards developing and embedding a positive inclusive first nation research culture within Australasia
  • Encourage engagement and collaborate with other SIG groups to enable the sharing of knowledge

The SIG encourages a diverse membership to ensure different perspectives are represented.

The SIG  co-convenors are Ms Jaylene Wehipeihana, Research Manager - Vision Mātauranga and University of Auckland and Ms Mandy Downing, Research Development Advisor, Curtin University.

To contact SIG Convenors, please email with the SIG name in the subject line.

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