You must successfully complete five (5) module multiple choice assessments and one case study assessment to become accredited.

Multiple-choice assessment

After participating in a module workshop or an online module, you need to complete a multiple-choice assessment consisting of 20 randomly selected questions. We’ll email you a link to the assessment if you participated in a face to face or virtual workshop, after your attendance at the workshop has been confirmed. If you completed the module as an online course, you will be directed to the online quiz once you have completed going through the oneline content.

To pass the multiple-choice assessment you must achieve a minimum grade of 75%. If you don’t pass the first time you will be given a second opportunity to complete the assessment.

Case study assessment

You will be invited to complete a case study assessment after successfully completing the assessment requirements of three (3) compulsory and two (2) elective modules. The case study assessment consists of reading a fictional scenario designed to simulate issues in research management then answering approximately 6 to 10 questions about the scenario. Case study participants are awarded a grade of Merit Pass, Pass or Re-sit. Refer to What happens if I fail the case study? for further information.

The case study assessment is offered to eligible candidates in rounds, typically held in May and October. Invitations are sent out to eligeable participants approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to the start of the next case study.  Invitations are typically sent out in April and September of each year.

Participants are entitled to defer thier case study once, unless extenuating circumstances apply.