Dr Shantala Mohan
Western Sydney University

Dr Shantala Mohan is currently Executive Director, Research - at Western Sydney University. In this role, she plays a pivotal role in steering the strategic development of the University’s research and research support. This role leads initiatives to enhance the institution's reputation for research excellence and impact and drives strategies that enable researchers and research cohorts to realise their research ambitions. Shantala oversees effective management of University-wide research functions and infrastructure; fosters external funding opportunities; maintains currency of knowledge of the national and international research landscapes, ensures compliance with internal and external reporting bodies and funding agencies and appropriate due diligence processes for managing foreign arrangements. Furthermore, Shantala provides leadership in ensuring competitiveness of grant proposals, developing research capacity and in delivering strategic support for researchers and research. She is also responsible for the overall promotion and administration of research services, including data management and reporting, managing research budgets and finances, grant submissions, contract negotiations, research infrastructure, ethics and overseeing systems and process improvements. Shantala’s previous roles as Director Research Impact and Integrity; Director, Research Strategy; and Assistant Vice-Chancellor, enabled her to acquire strategic leadership and planning skills.

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