ARMS Spring School 2021

3 Electives On Offer

Developing your research management capabilities has never been more important than at present! ARMS electives offer a deep dive into current issues that will enhance your understanding of the topic and better equip you as a research management professionals. The three electives offered in our "Spring School" are returning by popular demand as they were very successful in 2020. 

To enable easier accessibility, electives will be delivered in a flexible format via the online Zoom platform. This delivery approach will involve structured, shorter meetings staggered over multiple days with the presenter(s), and breakout rooms for participants to collaborate. The sum of the shorter online meetings will equate to a full day workshop. During the workshops, participants will develop knowledge and skills in a specialised, relevant area, network with other participants, and have an enjoyable time!

Interested participants may enrol in one or more electives as stand-alone professional development programs. The electives can count as credit towards future participation in the ARMS Established Level Accreditation Program (conditions apply) or as CPD for ARMFs and ARMAs.


The Spring School has no formal pre-requisites for the electives featured in the 2021 program. The electives are intended for:

  • Mid-senior level research management staff interested in developing a deep, practical understanding of the topics; and
  • ARMFs - ARMS Accredited Research Managers (Foundation) or ARMAs - ARMS Accredited Research Managers (Advanced) seeking to broaden their practical understanding of the topics - Note: ARMFs and ARMAs will automatically accrue CPD hours if completing an elective. 


Each Spring School elective has a list of suggested pre-reading materials that is attached to the Event Purchase Notification (Confirmation email). The pre-reading list will also serve as a future resource list for participants.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be invited to complete a non-compulsory assessment

Those participants who wish to enrol in a future cohort of the Established Level Accreditation Program (ELAP) are strongly encouraged to successfully complete this assessment as this will count as credit towards a future ELAP, provided enrolment commences by the end of 2022. 

Special Discounted Elective Rates for 2021

ARMS Members: $550 per elective (GST inclusive)
Non-Members: $650 per elective (GST inclusive)

Please note that the price will be discounted at the checkout for ARMS members.

The cost for each elective includes participation in the workshop, workshop notes and an optional assessment. Participants will be required to cover any other incidental costs. At a minimum, participants will be required to log into the virtual meeting platform (Zoom)  using a laptop or computer and not a phone.

Continuing Professional Developmental (CPD)
ARMFs and ARMAs will automatically accrue 8 CPD hours per elective.


Presenter: Associate Professor Tam C. Nguyen, Deputy Director of Research, St Vincent’s Hospital, Associate Professor, Melbourne Medical School 

Dates: Monday 11, 18 & 25 October 2021
All session times are 11:00 am - 2:00 pm AEDT
Attendance required in all 3 sessions.

The Advanced Clinical Research Management elective will cover the challenges of managing multi- sites, multi-institutional projects including navigating research ethics, research governance, improving community and consumer engagement and building relationships with external funding bodies. The workshop will cover key processes and strategies in business development, project, and team management in the clinical research setting. Participant learn practical and essential skills for effective and active business development and clinical research management.

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Presenter: Dr Bryony Wakefield, PhD, Research Services Solutions

Dates: Wednesday 13th & Thursday 21st October 2021
All session times are 11 am - 2:30 pm AEDT
Attendance required in both sessions.

Supporting research activity is a complex task involving a myriad of activities. As such, business processes to support the management of research needs to be constantly evolving to ensure researchers and other stakeholder expectations are being met.  

Business process improvement enables you to identify areas where you can improve accuracy, effectiveness and/or efficiency and then redesign those processes to realise improvements. This course will introduce you to process improvement methodologies, with a focus on how to develop your own value stream map to improve a research management process. You will also learn about the value of cross-functional teams, approaches to listening and learning from end users and how agile ways of working can enable you to better refine priorities and continually improve processes.

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Presenter: Mark Berlage, M Phil (Higher Education), Research Partnerships Manager, Macquarie University and Guest Presenters

Dates: Monday 08, 15 & 22 November 2021
All session times are 11:00 am to 2:00 pm AEDT
Attendance required in all 3 sessions.

The benefits of highly collaborative research are widely accepted, and the involvement of a wide range of partners along with the globalisation of research is now commonplace. However, the development and management of these complex partnerships needs to be approached strategically and managed sensitively and actively to ensure outcomes are achieved and risks minimised.

This module considers a variety of potential strategic research partners including:

  • International researchers and research institutions; 
  • Industry partners, with a focus on those with a vested interest;  
  • Indigenous and other culturally sensitive partners;
  • At risk groups or communities; and  
  • Philanthropic partners, with a focus on tied investment.  

This elective aims to help participants to identify and evaluate prospective partnerships for both opportunities and risks and provide insights about how these might be managed and communicated. Where relevant, current guidelines and legislation are provided and discussed, and the policy environment considered.  Upon completion, participants will have an appreciation of a range of complex research partnerships and how to develop and manage these to support high quality research outcomes.

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