Wednesday 11th November

11.00am - 12.30pm AEDT

A virtual event hosted by ARMS in collaboration with the Australasian Ethics Networks

The COVID-19 global pandemic has profoundly affected the conduct of research. Some research has been severely restricted, and many have had to alter protocols and methods.

Other research, associated with prevention and treatment of COVID, and strategies to address anxiety, uncertainty and social isolation, has increased. Research ethics review is now routinely conducted online.

In the webinar, we will address the following questions:

  • What has changed in the research ethics landscape?
  • How are changes to research protocols and methods being ethically evaluated?
  • What are the ‘work arounds’ research ethics committees have made?
  • How has urgent research been expedited? What makes it urgent?


This virtual webinar is FREE OF CHARGE for current ARMS Members and $50AUD for Non-Members.



The webinar will be facilitated by Professor Clare Delany, Chair of the Humanities and Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of Melbourne.

Speakers and topics:

  1. Ms Suzana Kovacevic: Manager, Human Research Ethics (STEMM): The University of Melbourne
    An Overview: of the Major Challenges in Research Ethics during COVID-19
  2. Dr Sianna Panagiotopoulos: Manager Office for Research, Austin LifeSciences, Austin Medical Research Foundation Austin Health
    A Focus on Ethics Review: How has COVID-19 transformed the way HRECs operate to ensure ‘business as usual’?
  3. Dr Nitya Phillipson. Director, Research Operations. The Royal Children’s Hospital
    The Bright Side of COVID-19: Identifying opportunities from the Pandemic
  4. Panel Discussion
    Dr Karolyn White - Macquarie University, Ms Sally Fornaro, Deakin University, Mr John Harle, The University of Melbourne and Ms Jo Benhamu - Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit.

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