Review of the ARMS Constitution 2023 - Member Consultation

As part of good governance practices, the ARMS Board is responsible for ensuring that from time-to-time, the guiding rules and principles covered in our Constitution comply with any changes to the model rules under the Associations Reform Act 2012. Furthermore, as a modern, progressive association, whose practices and operations have had to change greatly in pace with our external environment and needs of our members, it is also essential that our Constitution reflects such changes.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Society held on 7 September 2022, I advised that on advice from the Governance, Finance and Audit Standing Committee (GFAC), that a review of the Constitution will occur in 2023. I now write formally to advise that the review has commenced and that an external Legal Counsel through the Services of Elementary Law has been appointed to help expedite the review.   

Clause 19 of the ARMS Constitution states that amendments may be made, under the following:

19.1 The Board shall submit all proposed amendments to the Constitution to a review committee at least three months prior to the Annual General Meeting.

19.2  The committee shall review all proposed amendments and submit its recommendations to the Board.

19.3  The Board shall review the proposed amendments and send them, with its recommendation to the membership (30) days before the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

19.4  The proposed amendments shall be adopted when approved by not less than three quarters of the members voting in-person or by proxy at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

I confirm that the appointed review committee shall be the Society’s Governance, Finance and Audit Committee. Below is a timeline of key activities throughout the review cycle, all in accordance with Clause 19.   




February To engage Legal Counsel to help revise the constitution to ensure that it complies with any changes to the model rules under the ActElementary Law appointed as the Legal Counsel for the review of the ARMS Constitution.
Friday, 24 March Board to discuss changes to the Constitution and to note the timeline for the review. 
Monday, 27 March Notice disseminated to the broader ARMS Community seeking further input to changes to the Constitution.  E-blast communication disseminated to all members seeking input. 
Tuesday, 18 April Feedback from membership to close.   

Feedback to be emailed to ARMS COO

19-28 AprilSmall working group comprising of representatives from the Board to review and mark up any changes to the Constitution.   
MayMarked up changes to be taken to the Legal Counsel (including feedback from Board and broader membership) for review and incorporation of changes to suggested model rules under the Act 
By Monday, 12 June Amendments to be submitted to the GFAC “review committee” in compliance with clause 19 of the Constitution. GFAC to review and make a formal recommendation to the ARMS Board. 
Friday, 28 JulyBoard to sign off to changes to the Constitution at scheduled Board meeting. 
Monday, 7 August Executive Office to issue a notice to members that an Annual General Meeting (30 days prior to Annual General Meeting).  
Thursday, 7 SeptemberPresentation of Changes to the Constitution at the Annual General Meeting.  
W/C Monday, 11 SeptemberSociety to be advised via e-communication of outcome of AGM.  

We invite you to provide feedback

To ensure that our members have the opportunity to provide critical input into amendments to the Constitution,  we now invite written feedback.  The Constitution is available on the ARMS website – click here.   

Written feedback to the ARMS COO, Maria Zollo by no later than 5 PM AEST, Tuesday, 18 April is appreciated, email 

As a Society who places considerable value on high standards of governance, I am sure you will agree that this review is critical as we emerge from the pandemic and move into a new phase of operations. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you in advance for your ongoing support and we look forward to your valued feedback.

Best wishes, 

Dr Tania Bezzobs

ARMS President.