Module 1.1-UK: The National Research and Innovation System in the United Kingdom

This module explores the nature, status and history of the UK research and innovation system, discussing some of its key features.  These include its ‘dual support’ funding system, the research assessment processes, full economic costing, and the governance arrangements.  Wider environmental changes such as the country’s relationship with the EU and the rest of the world will be discussed, including the current state of play of the negotiations with the EU about involvement in the latter’s research programmes.

Key learning outcomes

After completing this module, research administrators should be able to:

  • Understand and describe the UK research and innovation system at a macro level, including the size and performance of the system in absolute and relative terms;
  • Understand the national policy framework within which research sits, and how national research and innovation policy is formulated;
  • Discuss the challenges of increasing the UK’s investment in R&D to the OECD average;
  • Understand and describe the UK research funding environment, including the major research funding bodies and the different mechanisms that they use;
  • Understand and describe the basics of the UK’s research costing system, including its evolution and its use in encouraging efficiency measures;
  • Describe the UK’s system for research assessment and how it has evolved;
  • Understand the use of the national assessment mechanism to inform funding and to effect other policy areas;
  • Understand the UK policies on open access and open data, including the emerging Plan S;
  • Understand the range of governance frameworks applying to the research and innovation environment; and
  • Understand the approaches taken to research careers and their development.

Who should attend?

This module is suitable for those who are new to the research management profession, those who have specialised in one area of research management and wish to broaden their knowledge and/or those who are experienced research managers but wish to refresh their knowledge in a specific topic area.

Research managers and administrators from all organisations and institutions will benefit from this module including those from:

  • Research agencies and institutes;
  • Medical research institutes;
  • Research and development corporations;
  • Research centres;
  • Government departments;
  • Funding bodies;
  • Industrial research and development teams;
  • Service providers;
  • Commercialisation bodies; and
  • Consultancies.

This is an elective module for individuals completing the ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program in any region.  Each module can also be taken as a stand-alone unit for professional development purposes.