The Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) is the professional society for research management professionals. Our membership includes over 3500 members from universities, research institutes, government departments and commercial providers as a member of an organisation dedicated to the ongoing development of the research management sector. Our membership spans across the Australasian region, including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore as well as other locations across the world.  

Members enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Access to an ARMS accredited professional development program

  • Access to an annual conference at a reduced rate

  • Reduced rate to attend Chapter and Special Interest Group events

  • Access to ARMS awards and scholarships

  • Access to the ARMS online member portal

  • Access to online resources and groups 

  • Receive regular e-newsletter, Up In ARMS

  • Developing networks with other research management professionals both nationally and internationally

  • Sharing experiences and knowledge leading to best practice in research management and administration

  • Targeted professional development 

  • Providing opportunities to improve your own research management career

ARMS recognises the importance of providing strong professional development, training and networks as well as development frameworks for its members at all levels of research management and administration.

Becoming a member of ARMS can assist in improving your own research management career.  Learn how other member's have made an impact in their roles and to the research enterprise. 


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Our Members

Dr Campbell Thomson

Eighteen year ARMS member, Dr Campbell Thomson is the Director of Research Enterprise at The University of Western Australia.

A former researcher at CSIRO, Campbell came to understand that senior researchers were increasingly being placed in management roles later in their careers. Realising this, he decided early on in his research career to take on a management role, giving himself a competitive advantage.

His current role is responsible for all areas of research administration, including soliciting and accounting for research grants and contracts, technology transfer and commercialisation, research ethics and integrity, and HDR student training.

What words would you use to best describe research management? "Ever-changing, broad ranging, never dull."

What do you find most rewarding and most challenging about working in research management? "Being part of a good news story, and being able to genuinely share in researchers' success. Then you have the occasional researcher who finds it difficult to see how you can 'value add' what they do."

Funniest ARMS conference experience? At the 2004 ARMS Conference a hypothetical was performed by Curtin University Students, who play-acted the ethical dilemmas we might face in undertaking research in the future... Hilarious."

Sianna Panagiotopolous

Sianna Panagiotopolous has been an ARMS Member since 1999, during which time she has served as ARMS President, as a member of the Executive, and conference Convenor.

Sianna is the Research Manager at Melbourne's Austin Health, managing day-to-day operations for their Office of Research, and spearheading the organisation's development and successful governance of research.

How did you get involved in research management? "It was a natural progression from the lab bench to the administrator's desk: I am an experienced biomedical researcher and have co-authored nearly 100 publications."

What three words would you use to best describe research management? "Value-adding big time!"

Your best ARMS conference or professional development experience? "Being part of the ARMS Executive (or one of its sub-committees) would have to be the best professional development experience - I urge all members to have a go - you can learn so much from other experts in the research management community."

Faith Welch

Faith has over eight years’ experience working in research impact-related roles in the UK and New Zealand. She has worked in business engagement at one of the seven UK Research Councils, as a Knowledge Exchange Associate at the University of Bristol and is currently the first Research Impact Manager at the University of Auckland. Faith is also one of the founding convenors of the ARMS Research Impact Special Interest Group. Faith has a passion for growing impact literacy and mobilising a positive impact culture within Australasia.

What words would you use to best describe research management?

Adding-value, enabling, enhancing, empowering. Research managers are the icing on top of a research-flavoured cupcake – we just make everything that little bit better!

What do you find most rewarding and most challenging about working in research management?

Most rewarding – seeing our researchers make a difference in the real world – however small a part I had to play, I helped make that happen. Most challenging – getting researchers to stick to deadlines!

Funniest ARMS conference experience? Perhaps not the funniest, but I did appreciate all my lovely ARMS colleagues making me feel like I was part of the conference for ARMS Adelaide 2019 when I couldn’t attend last minute due to pregnancy complications. Along with the excellent twitter commentary, I received a heap of selfies from the University of Auckland and Emerald Global table at midnight which has given me significant material that I can’t wait to dig out for future conferences!