You need to log-in to your ARMS portal, click CPD Diary on the left-hand side of the screen, and then click the Add CPD Diary Entry button at the top of the page. You should record your CPD Activity Name, Hours,  Accreditation type, a brief Description of the activity (this will be used to evaluate your claim) and the Activity Completion Date.

You must also upload supporting documentation as evidence of your claim if not an ARMS module, master class, elective or ARMS event (including PD Sessions @ Zoom). ARMS events that you register for via your member portal are automatically approved once your attendance is confirmed. For webinars and online meetings, your attendance is approved by your online login details (email).

Supporting documentation includes both:

  1. A detailed description of the event which may be a brochure, agenda, or a copy of the training program.
  2. Evidence that you attended the event. This can include an email confirmation from your line supervisor, a pdf certificate of attendance, formal confirmation of results, etc.