AEN Events Update


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the AEN Conference will be postponed and is expected to be delivered in 2022.

The health and wellbeing of our delegates and sponsors is our key priority, and the AEN Advisory Group are currently working on what events will be on offer for 2021/2022.

It is currently anticipated the AEN group will plan local events in July of 2021 to allow members a face to face connection in their state. Further information will be communicated to members and also published on the ARMS website when confirmed:

If you have any further event enquiries, please email

ARMS Virtual Event: Never Waste A Crisis - Lessons Learned!


Held from Thursday 26 - Monday 30 November 2020
A virtual event hosted by ARMS

Never waste a crisis! A commonly repeated phrase throughout this year and one which applies to us like never before! We are living through a once in a generation crisis (or so we hope)! And yet, history shows us that times of crisis often also result in increased change and innovation for good!

This first ARMS virtual conference picks up this theme to focus not so much on the difficulties of 2020, but on the lessons we have learned, the things we have changed and the emergence of "a new normal." What will we retain from the past in this new normal, what will we discard? As the world around us rapidly changes, research management has also been required to change - to be more agile, responsive and connected.  How are individuals and the sector responding to challenges the pandemic has created? From crisis management to opportunities for innovation.

Scheduled across 3 days Thursday 26 - Monday 30 November, this ARMS online event will provide the chance to hear from key funding agencies, be inspired by panel sessions addressing current issues and participate in interactive virtual networking.

For further information, please view the event website here.

Australasian Ethics Network Conference 2020


Held Wednesday 11th November 2020

11.00am - 12.30pm AEDT

A virtual event hosted by ARMS in collaboration with the Australasian Ethics Networks

The COVID-19 global pandemic has profoundly affected the conduct of research. Some research has been severely restricted, and many have had to alter protocols and methods.

Other research, associated with prevention and treatment of COVID, and strategies to address anxiety, uncertainty and social isolation, has increased. Research ethics review is now routinely conducted online.

In the webinar, we will address the following questions:

  • What has changed in the research ethics landscape?
  • How are changes to research protocols and methods being ethically evaluated?
  • What are the ‘work arounds’ research ethics committees have made?
  • How has urgent research been expedited? What makes it urgent?


    This virtual webinar is FREE OF CHARGE for current ARMS Members and $50AUD for Non-Members.

    REGISTER HERE! - Past event, registrations now closed