Ian McIntosh Biography
My training is primarily in economics, although I also have some postgraduate qualifications in marketing and agribusiness.
My early work experience was in the primary sector, working successively for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, AgResearch CRI, and Wrightson before joining Victoria University in 2002.
The focus of my activities in AgResearch and Wrightson was on the interface between research and business. At Victoria University my attention is still on this general area, but it is more broadly based to include all users of research, not just business, and also involves research management, strategy and policy. As well I develop collaborative partnerships with industry and other research providers. With my experience at AgResearch, Wrightson and now Victoria University I have been involved with research, science and technology for over 25 years in various operational and management positions.
My current role at Victoria University is Associate Director Research Development in the Research Development Office.