Call for ARMS Training Fellows to deliver two new programs:

 Costing and Pricing of Research Master Class


 Fundamentals of Project Management Master Class


ARMS Training Fellow is a title given to an individual recognised by the ARMS Accreditation Council as having the knowledge and skills to present modules.



The Accreditation Council, the committee authorised for overseeing quality standards of module content, is now calling for nominations from qualified and experienced research management professionals to deliver two new, soon to be released modules on:

  • Costing and Pricing of Research Master Class; and
  • Fundamentals of Project Management Master Class.

These authorised presenters (ARMS Training Fellows) are recognised as having the knowledge and skills to speak authoritatively on these selected areas of research management and the ability to effectively train others.

The Accreditation Council is now seeking expressions of interested from members across the broad remit of ARMS including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to deliver these new programs.  While it is intended that these modules are to be delivered in-person, in the current pandemic climate, these programs may be delivered via video conferencing initially and eventually in-person when safe to do so.   


Selection Criteria for ARMS Training Fellows

The successful nominee must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Demonstrate completion of an undergraduate degree;
  • Have a minimum of five years’ experience in research administration at a university or other post-secondary educational setting, hospital, not-for-profit research organisation, industry research laboratory or government research laboratory;
  • Have demonstrated theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of research administration and/or sub-field or research in the module for which they wish to be considered as an ARMS Training Fellow;  
  • Be a member in good standing with ARMS and/or one of its INORMS member associations;
  • Be recognised by other scholars and practitioners in the field as knowledge experts; and
  • Have demonstrated quality instructional/presentation skills.  Given that delivery of modules will be via videoconferencing platforms in the foreseeable future, applicants should also be comfortable with delivering teaching materials and able to encourage group interactions in this environment. 


Responsibility of ARMS Training Fellows

Successful nominees will be required to present module content to participants across the broad remit of ARMS, including Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, or Singapore as required.

ARMS Training Fellows will be required to deliver quality presentation(s) and will be recognised by other scholars and practitioners in the field as “knowledge experts” in the following topics:

Costing and Pricing of Research Master Class

The purpose of this module is to provide Researchers, Research Administrators and Commercial Managers with an advanced understanding of Research Project and Costing across Australian and International Funding Schemes. The target audience includes Researchers, Research Administrators and Research Commercial Managers involved in the costing and pricing of Research Projects.

Fundamentals of Project Management Master Class

The module provides participants with an introduction to the fundamentals of project management, and how these are implemented in a research organisation. The module takes an approach of describing project management activities for research administrators; however, some sections provide information which is specific for the management of research projects and programs.



ARMS Training Fellow is a voluntary position providing service to the Society. The Society will provide reimbursement for approved expenses when modules are delivered via “in-person” mode.


Timeline for submission of an EOI for ARMS Training Fellows

The key timelines for the announcement and selection of ARMS Training Fellows are as follows:



Other Details

Friday the 11th of June 2021

Call for nominations for ARMS Training Fellows

To be circulated via ARMS e-newsletter and via social media.

Friday the 9th of July 2021

Nominations due 5 PM AEST

Completed Nomination Form to be emailed to

12 July – 23 July 2021

Review by the Accreditation Council

Via Teleconference


Application Process

Nominees will be required to complete an ARMS Training Fellow EOI Form and submit a recent CV. (Please note that links to LinkedIn are not considered as an adequate substitute for a CV.)

All questions on the nomination form are compulsory.

Completed nomination forms must be filled in electronically and signed (an electronic signature is preferred) and submitted along with a recent CV to the ARMS Administration Officer at:   by 5 PM AEST the 9th of July 2021.  


Applicant Nominated Referees

Nominees are required to identify two referees who know the nominee’s knowledge of the selected research management topic area, their presentation skills and their ability to effectively train others. Nominees are advised to discuss their application with their referees prior to submission to act as a referee and provide a verbal report to the Accreditation Council if required.

Any information provided by the referees to the Accreditation Council will be kept confidential and will only accessible to members of the Accreditation Council.


ARMS Training Fellow Nomination Guidelines 2021               ARMS Training Fellows EOI Template


Further Questions

Any questions relating to the completion of this form can be directed

Telephone + 61 8 8 8201 5592