The Society is thrilled to announce the return of its Chapter Travel Awards in 2023.  These awards are designed to provide modest financial support to eligible ARMS members wishing to attend the ARMS Sydney Conference from 6-8 September 2023. Conditions Apply.

This year’s conference is of particular importance as it marks the return of our traditional in-person event for our members across Australasia and internationally.

Each Chapter Committee will be allocated financial support for Chapter Travel Awards. These awards provide some financial assistance to offset costs relating to attending the conference (i.e., flights, accommodation, or conference registration). Each eligible applicant will be required to specify the level of support being requested (including a justification for support) and to demonstrate how any shortfalls are likely to be covered.

NOTE: It will be at the discretion of the Chapter Committee to determine the number and level of financial support given to eligible applicants. The maximum level of support for an eligible applicant shall be AUD$1,000 GST inclusive.

Assessment Process: 

All applications will be reviewed by an allocated Chapter Committee and a final recommendation will be endorsed
by the ARMS Board.

The ARMS Executive office will notify all applicants via email stating the outcome of their application.

There will be no appeals process, but feedback may be given to unsuccessful applicants, upon request.

Awardees will also be required to provide a one-page post conference report 6 weeks after the conference. This
information will be used for promotional purposes and the report is to be submitted to the ARMS Executive Office.


Application Form

Applications to be submitted to by the extended date of COB 5 PM AEST, Monday, the 22nd of May 2023.

Award Cycle:



Monday, 3 April 2023Call for Applications – To be featured in e-newsletter and via e-blast to members.

Monday, 22 May 2023

Closing date for Applications – COB 5PM AEST - Applications to be submitted to the
ARMS Membership Officer –

All applications received will be acknowledged by email.

By Friday, the 26th of May
ARMS Executive Office to submit applications to relevant Chapter Committees for
29 May - 9 June 2023

Chapter Committees to meet to review applications and to finalise recommendations.

Chapter committees will be advised to identify a reserve list in the event that a recommended awardee is unable to accept their award.

By w/e 16 June 2023

Chapter Committee to advise ARMS Executive Office of their final recommendations. ARMS Board to endorse these recommendations.

Once all recommendations have been endorsed by the ARMS Board, successful
applicants will be notified of their outcome.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised once all awardees have accepted their offer.

Before Wednesday, 6
September 2023

Applicants to submit ARMS Reimbursement Request Forms/invoice to obtain
funding for award.

By Friday, 27 OctoberSuccessful awardees to provide a one-page report on their learning outcomes from
the conference to the ARMS Executive Office.