• Only voting members are eligible to cast a vote for the 2021 election. 
  • The ballot will require voting members to elect two (2) candidates for two (2) vacant roles, i.e. one (1) candidate for each remaining position of General Committee Member.
  • The ballot period commences on Monday the 06th of September 2021 and ends at 11:59pm (AEST) on Friday the 8th of October 2021.
  • All voting members will receive voting instructions for the online ballot in a separate email invitation from Opavote. 
  • The candidates that receive the most votes for each vacant position will be declared the successful candidates for that postion.
  • The election results will be officially announced at the Annual General Meeting of ARMS on the 03rd of November 2021.
  • All votes shall be anonymous, specifically to eliminate bias. 

The following candidates have nominated for a vacant position on the ARMS Board.  The candidates are listed below in alphabetical order by last name. 

Candidate for the role of COMMITTEE MEMBER

Dr Mark Bowles, Children's Health Research Centre Manager, UQ.

I am a senior professional with a background in research and general management. I have widely diversified skills across the not-for-profit sector principally in the educational and medical research industry.

I bring significant experience in senior executive roles and have carried out Executive-Board interactions for a range of areas including finance, ICT, strategic alliances, HR and risk management. These Board relationships have been primarily in the medical research area, and I have acted as the Mater Research representative for dealings with the Boards of the Australian Stem Cell Centre, the CRC for BioMarker Translation) and the Autism CRC Ltd. I have established strong professional, government and community links and well-established networks in relevant sectors and industry groupings. In my current role, I can fulfil the attributes of a General Board Member.

I have been an active supporter of ARMS for many years including the following roles:

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Candidate for the role of COMMITTEE MEMBER 

Dr Amanda Cleaver, Director, Raine Medical Research Foundation, UWA.

Dr Amanda Cleaver has worked in the university sector since 2002, spanning her career as a student, postdoctoral researcher, Research Development Advisor, Project Manager and Research Foundation Director. This includes working with students, researchers, administrators, and leadership executives, and University processes and systems.

She is passionate about the research management profession, and working with researchers, federal and state government, not-for-profit organisations, institutes, and industry to achieve the best research outcomes and impact for the benefit of the wider community. This includes the development of the research management sector, where professionals from many different career backgrounds are bringing their experience and skills to continuously improve and advance research management strategy and practices.

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Candidate for the role of COMMITTEE MEMBER

Ms Emma Collyer, Research Grants Manager, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute UNSW.

Since early childhood, I have had a strong passion for science and for almost a decade was convinced that I was going to pursue a career as a researcher. It came as a shock when I realised during the course of my Bachelor of Science that in fact my skills and interests were not well-aligned to life as a researcher, and I completed my degree in 2012 feeling dejected and lost.

By chance, I happened upon a Grants Officer role in the UNSW Sydney Research Grants and Contracts office and was fortunate to be appointed in the role, despite being completely unaware of the research management sector or the significant role that it plays in research throughout the world. This role set a strong foundation for my research management knowledge, as it covered both pre- and post-award grant management and exposed me to an array of stakeholders and functions.

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Candidate for the role of COMMITTEE MEMBER 

Taksil Dias, Director, Engagement, University of Technology, Sydney.

Taksil currently serves ARMS as both a Training Fellow and UTS institutional member assisting the NSW Chapter Committee with hosting ARMS networking events and promoting ARMS accreditation and membership to colleagues and other emerging research management professionals for the benefit and sustainability of the society and the profession.

He has 20 + years’ experience in university research development, management and administration having worked across three universities (Western Sydney, University of Sydney and currently the University of Technology Sydney and brings significant leadership and professional experience to the society and its membership.

Candidate for the role of COMMITTEE MEMBER 

Ms Kate Swanson, Senior Manager, HDR Development UQ.

Kate Swanson is a member of UQ’s Graduate School Executive Team. Her role provides leadership around the development and delivery of Higher Degree by Research candidate development. Kate is a strong advocate for Higher Degree by Researcher (HDR) development and the links to industry that can provide both for research outcomes, and candidate growth. Her passion centres around research management, specifically building an awareness of the role HDR candidates play in industry engaged research and understanding the new complexities that can bring in terms of navigating sanctions, foreign interference, and added regulatory frameworks. Kate’s approach focuses on navigating new legislation and policy to facilitate research partnerships and collaborations.

Kate spearheaded UQ’s shift to engage HDRs strongly with research‐end‐users by implementing one of the firstnon‐cognate HDR placement programs in Australia.

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