President's Welcome


Welcome to the website of the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS).

I am delighted and honored to be entrusted with the presidency of the Society as it enters its third decade.  For 20 years, ARMS has been providing support to research management professionals working in universities, independent research institutions, government, funding agencies and health research organizations from across the Australasian region.

This website will provide you with detailed information about the activities that we undertake and the benefits that we offer to our members. These include: our high-quality Accreditation Program; our Communities of Practice (Chapter, Special Interest Groups, and Networks); and the work that is done to place ARMS members as part of a global community of like-minded professionals and to facilitate innovation in research management to support research excellence.

As ARMS continues to evolve, not only in continuously refining and improving the support we offer, but also the way in which the Society operates; we remain dedicated to achieving three outcomes:

  • the development of research management professionals;
  • the promotion of the profession of research management; and
  • the advancement of the research enterprise.

The focus of my time in this role will be to ensure that we continue to provide a diverse and broadly accessible range of professional development opportunities, and other supports, to research management professionals to allow them to continually enhance their skills, experience and networks.

I look forward to working with you all to ensure that the members of ARMS are each able to operate at the highest standards to influence, support, and enhance the global delivery of research excellence.

Dr Ross McLennan

ARMS President